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Rehabbing the house

July 9th, 2006 at 11:30 am

Well, on Friday I bit the bullet and ordered carpeting for my master bedroom. I've been replacing one room at a time and my bedroom is the biggest, (besides the living room which was done 6-7 years ago with a large remnant). Since then I have been matching each new room of carpeting to that, so that all will flow together "looking richer to the eye" as all the home improvement sites recommend. The carpeting I chose has steadily risen in price -- I think the price of petroleum is a factor. Anyway, to do this bedroom will be over $750. I think at this point I just have to do it rather than abandon my plan. It would look funny to have just one room different, and I want this house to be appealing to buyers. I am living in a town where sales are slow, and I want to sell quickly when I get it on the market.

That said, I sure wish the price wasn't so high.

I am also bummed because I have been struggling to clean some cat urine spots and I just can't seem to do it. There are two in a closet where I think I'll have the carpeting replaced, since I have scraps that size. But one is in the hallway and one in the guest room and I can't replace carpet in either place. I'm so tired of this.

Saturday was a spending day. I spent $23.27 at Wal-Mart on groceries and household supplies. I filled a prescription for $21.80 -- however, I got a $20 gift card for Kroger for switching my prescription to their pharmacy. I'll use that next week. While I was at Kroger I spent $10.95 more for groceries and also a pair of reading glasses marked 75% off. I was glad to find those, because I've been wanting an extra pair to keep upstairs.

I also went out to brunch with a friend -- spent $11.94 at IHOP. $2.38 of that was just for orange juice -- that was a surprise! I could have passed on that.

Today my lawn mowing guy came by to pick up $60 for two "mows." -- That reminds me, someone commented earlier that I should scrap the lawn mowing guy and get a robo-mower -- I know it seems wasteful to pay for lawn mowing, but I'm moving in less than a year and I don't want to invest in equipment at this point. I will be living with my cousin in North Carolina next year and she has a lawn service.

Well, I feel like I'm hemorrhaging money but I do have some frugal "ups." I got a coupon I ordered for a free bag of cat food, I got some free samples of chocolate at Kroger, and I repaired a broom that was damaged by heat (trimmed off the bristles that were curled up). And of course I got that $20 gift card. I'm just going to keep plugging away.

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