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Dinner & a play -- free????

June 23rd, 2008 at 06:55 am

Well, yesterday I reported that I was going to a dinner and a play. What I didn't know was that both were going to be paid for! I am both blown away and somewhat disquieted by my family's generosity. I am so used to struggling on my own that it takes me aback when someone pays my way. I wonder, how can I reciprocate? Do I now have an obligation to make a similar gesture? I know it probably sounds ungrateful, but I would rather go Dutch, so that all the rules and expectations are clear. Does anyone else struggle with these issues?

That said, we did have a wonderful time. The play was excellent, even though musical comedy is not my favorite. And dinner was at a very homey German restaurant, where we all got to sample the various dishes -- and they were all good!

Today I'm going to make a casserole for the cousin who did most of the treating. I also plan to do some work on the garage sale, which will be this Saturday. I have to put together a clothing rack (which has been sitting in the basement -- didn't buy it for the sale). I also need to take a final sweep through the house and then start putting labels on.

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