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My Vacation

July 8th, 2010 at 05:35 am

Looks like my vacation came in at around $210. That was for gas and food. Once I got to NC, we didn't really go anywhere. Played a lot of cards, which is always a real bonding activity for our family.

I am very pleased with that total. Gas prices were good, and because my cousin provided most of the meals, food was cheap. She would only let me -- once -- chip in $20 for pizza. I did more stopping and snacking on the road than I intended, but I found that on an all-day car trip you have to have breaks and things to look forward to.

Now I'm trying to get a shower going for my future DIL. I asked my ex-husband's second wife to co-host with me (weird, I know, but our relationship is fine). We seem to be having trouble picking a date, and time is getting short. Hope to get the date set today.

Another thing looming is the birthday dinner for my other daughter-in-law. Will probably do that this weekend. Which reminds me, I need to pick up her gift! I'll bet I deleted the email from Wal-Mart which I'll need to pick it up. Thank goodness I haven't emptied the "trash" in a while, so I'm off to look for it ....

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