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June spending

July 9th, 2010 at 06:07 am

Now that July is 1/4 over, I'm finally tallying my June spending.

The highest cost was rent, of course, at $1105.

Utilities were $273.80. This counts phone, cable and internet, as well as gas & electricity.

I spent $170.50 on groceries, which is rather high for me. I can cut that down.

I spent $114.24 on gifts -- two birthdays this month, plus a bit of stocking up.

Medical/health costs were $94.25 -- a big chunk of that was vitamins/supplements.

I spent $85.04 eating out. Unusually high for me, but it included several meals where I treated the kids.

I spent $79.77 on furnishings/equipment, mostly items from Goodwill. The biggest chunk went to David Winter houses, which are worth hundreds.

Insurance was $59.65, for both car & renters.

I spent $44.47 on a weekend trip to a friend's house.

Vet/pet supplies came in at $38.44.

Clothing was $30.27 -- all Goodwill items. I believe that bought me two pairs of capris, a scarf and a belt, and some jewelry.

Gas was a low, low $29.83.

Household supplies were $21.51. (I don't count these with my groceries.)

Personal care was $21.07. Cosmetics and skin care items.

I spent $14.84 on entertainment, most of the Netflix fee.

And that's it!

Hope I will do better in July, but I already know I spent more than $200 vacationing. I also have a conference coming up, which isn't supposed to cost me anything, but always does....

1 Responses to “June spending”

  1. Jerry Says:

    We end up spending a lot on vitamins and supplements, as well, but they lead to benefits that we are unwilling to sacrifice. I wish they were covered by insurance... but at least we used to be able to include some of them on our HSA. I think they have changed the rules on that now.

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