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Planning a no-spend Saturday

July 9th, 2010 at 11:29 am

Well, I've got two expenses coming up next week in addition to the already-mentioned birthday lunch/dinner. I'm getting my hair cut, and I'm taking my cat to the vet for dental treatment. So I've decided to make tomorrow a no-spend day (maybe it will get me in the habit!)

I have a Netflix movie to watch (Away We Go), and chores to do. Many things I have put off -- paperwork, cleaning, home improvement stuff. More than enough to keep me busy all day. Plus, my sister sent me home with a bag of books, so I've got plenty of entertainment.

The pantry is a bit low, but I certainly have enough to get through the weekend.

I'll try to make it a no-drive day, too.

On Sunday I will probably be doing that birthday lunch, but if it's a no-go, then I'll make Sunday a no-spend, no-gas day, too.

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