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Good deals!

July 19th, 2010 at 08:53 am

I picked up my cat on Friday and got a nice surprise -- the cost for her dental work was only $230 as opposed to the $300+ they quoted me. It helped that I already have pain medication for her. And I guess her teeth weren't as bad as they thought.

On Saturday I felt like garage sale shopping. At first it didn't feel like much fun, since I have decided not to buy for the booth any more (I'm going to pull out in December, unless things really turn around). I saw lots of things I might have bought for the booth, but didn't see much for me. Then I went to a place where some ladies were selling nice clothes. I ended up getting a J.G. Hook red pea coat, a Gap velvet blazer, Jones New York white pants, a white turtleneck and two cotton knit tops -- all for $10!

Then I went to Goodwill, because I need some black capris. I found them, as well as a navy pair. They came to $10. I also found a necklace and three pairs of earrings for $4. I'm feeling very well-dressed -- for less!

I also went to Nordstrom's Rack and bought another bra -- I figured out that I needed another to pack for the conference (I don't want to be handwashing in the hotel). That was $24 -- which is just what all of the above cost!

I also got some gas for $24. I tell you, it was a weekend of 24's! What could 24 mean?

I will probably get my pedicure tonight.

I did not get an oil change, but that can be done when I come back.

Now I'm trying to figure out how I will get to the airport on Wednesday. I foolishly bought a 7:30 a.m. ticket, so I'll have to get there at 6:30. If I'd gotten a ticket for mid-day, someone from work could have driven me. I'll have to ask one of my sons (neither of whom live very close) or bite the bullet and hire a taxi.

2 Responses to “Good deals!”

  1. My English Castle Says:

    Have a great time CB--and congrats on your great shopping. I know what you mean about the airport. Between boarding the dog and parking the car, we're out a couple hundred dollars before we take off!

  2. Jerry Says:

    I had no idea that there were cat dentists! Do they have insurance for those visits? That's great that you had meds for your pet, since that leads to savings. Hope all goes well with your plane trip!

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