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Back on half.com, and weekend errands

November 8th, 2010 at 09:59 am

This weekend I put my half.com "bookstore" back online. I had put it on vacation when I broke my ankle and never went back to it till now. There was a lot of updating to do, as some books I had given away, and I had quite a few to add, too.

This morning I see I already have a sale. Only .99, but part of the reason I do this is to get the right book to the right person. More satisfying than just donating them en masse, and a little income, too.

On Saturday I did my usual errands - spent about $19 on cat food and $42 on groceries. I went to Kohl's especially to use the $10 coupon I got in the mail -- when I was checking out, I found out that I had jumped the gun and the card wasn't good until November 10. I bought the items anyway, as I had got them all half-price. Four pairs of socks and a pretty snowman pin to give away for Christmas. I'll go back to Kohl's when the card is good.

(I also have a set of $10 off cards for Carson Pirie Scott, but those I have to use on a $25 purchase. The Kohl's card doesn't require a purchase over $10.)

On Sunday I went to Wal-Mart, intending to buy an emergency blanket to cloak my feral cat "house." I couldn't find one -- I'll have to check on line. But when I saw the toys, I was reminded that I needed to shop for my grandson's birthday. I did a lot of wandering around, picking stuff up and putting it back, but I finally decided on two battery-powered Fischer-Price dinosaurs, and a shirt-and-pant set. I bought some cards, too. All told, a little over $50 -- not the greatest bargain in the world, but a nice blend of child-pleasing and parent-pleasing, I hope.

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