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Getting my teeth and my hair done.

November 18th, 2010 at 02:03 pm

Went to the dentist this morning, and it was amazingly cheap. I got x-rays, a fluoride treatment and a cleaning, and all I had to pay was $23 for the fluoride. Gotta love dental insurance!

Good news, too. He's been watching a molar that may eventually need a crown. He says at this point he wouldn't do anything as long as it's not bothering me -- it isn't. It has a chip but it's no big deal.

This evening I'll get my hair cut, which will cost more. I've been struggling with what to do about my hair. It would be a lot cheaper to let the layers grow out and just get the ends trimmed once in a while at a Great Clips, or something. But I get so many compliments on my layered bob, and I think it makes me look younger than a blunt cut would. I watched my son's wedding video last night and I liked the way my hair looked. I don't want to give up this talented haircutter, even though she's expensive! Not yet, anyway.

This morning I read a good article on maximizing Social Security benefits -- I don't have the link, but it's on Yahoo Finance. Certainly convinced me I need to work till I'm 66. Of course, the day before yesterday work was so frustrating I felt like quitting on the spot -- but today all is well. So 66 it is!

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