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Yet another no-spend vacation day

January 8th, 2011 at 08:25 am

Yesterday my cousin and I had a friend over for cards, and we had a blast! We could hardly pull ourselves away to eat supper.

Supper was a bit of a disaster. It was a crock-pot meal, a crab-cheese-rice casserole type thing, and it got overcooked. We tried to rescue it by adding cream cheese and mushrooms, but it was awful. It's getting thrown out today. I hate to see the waste -- if it were mine, I'd hack it up and put it in a cream soup, but my cousin would never go for that, and she doesn't have to worry about money.

Tomorrow I fly home, and all I have paid for is meals on the road and travel expenses. That is thanks to the generosity of my cousin -- and our willingness to just hang out and visit.

I have been checking emails from work, and it sounds like I'm going back to a bit of a mess, so I will just enjoy these two days to the hilt.

2 Responses to “Yet another no-spend vacation day”

  1. Savings Queen Says:

    CB, I loved hearing about your fun evening with your friends. I loved it that you had a great time playing cards. I too sometimes like to have people over for a home made dessert and playing games. Unfortunately, though, it seems like in my general group most of the couples never think an evening out is truly complete without going to a $50+ dinner with bottles of wine and the whole bit (at least we don't drink so we avoid that pricey bit). Even though I can be pretty spendy, dinners like that always seems like a waste to me. I mean, maybe once a year I can see doing a dinner like that, but every time you go out???

    Your wonderful evening, even with the botched up crab, reminds me to be true to myself and my down home evenings...Thanks!

  2. CB in the City Says:

    Yes, it can be hard when friends or family are accustomed to more expensive entertainment. But keep trying! Some of your friends might be relieved to scale down a little.

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