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Fifteen items

January 13th, 2011 at 04:45 am

Last night it stopped snowing and I slipped out to the store. My fifteen items:

Charmin wipes, economy size
Small garbage bags
Cat litter, on sale
Cat Chow, on sale
Frozen broccoli/cauliflower, on sale
Head of iceberg lettuce
Bay's English muffins, on sale
Plum tomato
House brand spaghetti, 32 oz.
Croutons, on sale
Two Lean Cuisines, on sale
Wine, 1.5L, on sale
Bumblebee Tuna, on sale

I had two coupons to use, but the clerk failed to ring them up. I was sent to Customer Service, but no one was there. I gave up and decided to use them next time. Meanwhile, I went back for the tuna (the can I brought to checkout was damaged)and went through the auto line. Someone before had left a coupon for $2.50 off on next order. Score!

Oh, and the total cost was $42.56.

2 Responses to “Fifteen items”

  1. Savings Queen Says:

    Is there some magic to 15 items?? If so, let me know as I'm a newbie.

  2. CB in the City Says:

    It's just a personal challenge I started recently. I am vowing to buy fifteen items or less every week at the grocery store to keep costs down and make myself really think about what I buy. I'm going to see how long I can do it.

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