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The ride home

February 3rd, 2011 at 03:51 pm

It took me an hour to get home from work today. I live two miles from work. All I can figure out is that the fact that two lanes are now one -- due to snowbanks on the side of the road -- and the slippery roads made it that much slower. At least everyone was civil.

I was disappointed to see that the food I left out this morning was undisturbed. I moved it to the spot where I saw footprints this morning. If I had a shovel I would shovel the patio, but I'm not in a hurry to go shopping. Just getting to and from work is work enough.

I spent $1.50 on a 7-up from the vending machine today. I was thirsty and a little woebegone. I wanted a treat.

I packed my lunch today -- I finished up the pasta/spinach/asiago I've been working on all week, and I also had an Activia yogurt and a chocolate cupcake without icing. Breakfast and dinner were at home.

It will be cold for a while, so I guess we'll have this snow for some time. And I heard today that there will be another storm next week -- a big one -- but it may go south of us. I hope so, though I don't wish it on my Southern neighbors.

I don't plan on going anywhere this weekend, even though my son's birthday is on Saturday. He won't mind waiting to celebrate.

3 Responses to “The ride home”

  1. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    My SD had to go to a dentist appointment today (lost crown on Tuesday!) and he said that the highway was bumper to bumper going 10 miles an hour. It took him 90+ minutes to go to a place that normally is about a 25 minute drive.

    We're supposed to be getting more snow tonight, and then again on Monday. Yikes!

  2. laura Says:

    Ogden Avenue was EVIL at 5:15 after I got the girls to dance. The plowing made it so that there was 1.5 lanes going in my direction and there were some maniacs merging, etc. My 8 year old was riding in the front (I've got an air bag sensor that turns off if there are kids in the seat) and he figured it was safer for him in the WAY back!
    Hopefully the driving today is better!

  3. annmarie Says:

    People always say that they cant do more for feral cats. But they can. If they can't bring them in they could be taken to shelter. The shelter will lend you safe traps. I protected a feral cat one winter by making a cat condo. Complete with electric heating pads. He is not feral anymore, he lives in my house.

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