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Four more days

May 7th, 2011 at 03:55 pm

Made it through this whole day ALMOST without spending anything, but on the spur of the moment I stopped at a gas station during my afternoon walk and bought a Powerball ticket. Every once in a while I need that little bit of hope.

I made pudding from scratch today, but I guess I didn't do it right because it's a bit lumpy. I followed the directions, but my gut feeling was that I should have dissolved the cornstarch in liquid first. I should have. It's edible, but a disappointment.

I also made spaghetti sauce from scratch for lunch. I was planning on an egg casserole for dinner, but I ran out of calories! Maybe tomorrow, though I'm going out for brunch (Mother's Day treat) and I have chicken that has to be cooked.

My fridge is starting to look like a bachelor's! It looks empty, yet there is still plenty to eat. It's just mostly in the freezer and the pantry.

I not only took a forty-minute walk today, but also danced in front of the TV for a half-hour. Mostly in hopes that the 2 pounds I lost doesn't reappear! That happens to me a lot. With the combination of the exercise and my calorie intake I am under 1200, so I should be okay.

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