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Fifteen Items

May 12th, 2011 at 06:26 am

It's been a while since I grocery-shopped -- before my DC trip -- but I still kept it to 15 items.

Whole Wheat Bread - on sale
2 bags cat food on sale & 2 $1 coupons
Shredded cheese house brand on sale
16 oz. strawberries - on sale
Kettle Corn house brand on sale
Crystal Light raspberry tea
I Cant Believe Its Not Butter
Bag of soup/stew vegetables
Coffee on sale
Wine on sale
Package of split peas - house brand
Package of adhesive hooks

Total: $57.45

The cat food was my favorite brand -- a good sale and I had two coupons, so I bought two, even though my cats are already set for this week.

The kettle corn I gave to my boss this morning. She really likes it, and she's going through a tough time at home. Anyway, I don't need the temptation!

I watched a very compelling documentary called "Fat Head" last night -- a rebuttal to "Supersize Me." These days I just don't know who to believe when it comes to food, but this documentary made some really believable points, and I've decided to alter my diet somewhat -- keep the carbs under 100 a day and raise the fats -- but still keep within my selected calorie range.

After three days of walking to work, I drove today. I have a blister on my toe, and it looks like rain. Wish I didn't have so much trouble with my feet. And it's not the shoes, either. I'm constantly changing shoes, and I wear nice, wide toe caps. It's just my dumb feet.

1 Responses to “Fifteen Items”

  1. LuckyRobin Says:

    That sounds like an interesting documentary. I did watch Super Size Me with a huge amount of skepticism, simply because of the way he went about it, which was in an extremely unhealthy manner. I just checked Netflix and they have it on streaming, so I'm definitely going to check out Fat Head. My daughter has had to cut her carbs to 45g per meal and 15 per snack because of prediabetes, so I am very interested in what this has to say.

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