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Another rainy day

May 18th, 2011 at 05:47 am

But we may be getting a warmup. I'm so tired of this icky weather.

I found a dime this morning in my parking lot! My little bowl of change is getting full. Guess I'll find a bigger one and keeping saving change for the year-end gift card promotion at Coinstar. I'm also saving Mypoints for Christmas -- I have a lot of people on my list who appreciate gift cards. Hey, I do, too!

This weekend my grandson is coming for a sleepover and to see "Charlotte's Web" (a play, not a movie.) I'm probably more excited than he is! Tonight I'll grocery shop and be sure to pick up things he loves -- mac & cheese and applesauce come to mind!

Yesterday was my 2-year anniversary at work. I haven't heard anything about getting retirement contributions. I was told I would get the information automatically. I hate to ask again. I'll give it a few days and ask again.

(Here's a thought. Maybe I should check my downstairs mailbox!)

2 Responses to “Another rainy day”

  1. MonkeyMama Says:

    I mostly deal with really small companies, and any retirement eligibility is usually delayed until January 1st. Sometimes June 1st if that is sooner. I don't know what kind of company you work for, but, depending on the type of company and type of retirement plan, you might not hear anything for a long time! Just a heads up. Of course, I think asking is good.

    My employer had a one year wait (and then wait to January 1st). My boss always makes contributions 9/15 the following year and gets all the retirement information, so was always a WAIT. The tax filings and contributions are not due until 9/15- so that is why. Any really small employer tries to keep administration as simple as possible. Though any 401k aspect has to kick in when it kicks in (though waiting until the following January 1st is common).

    I didn't know this. My hire date was January 1st at my current employer. So I just happened to be eligible at exactly one year. Couldn't have planned that one better!

    If you work for a bigger organization? Then, nevermind! Hopefully you hear something soon.

  2. CB in the City Says:

    I work for a small college. I hope I don't have to wait till January! When I asked the benefits clerk about it a few months ago, she said it would come automatically, but I realize now she didn't say WHEN it would come automatically. OH, well, when it comes, it comes. Ooooommmm!

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