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Don't have to work graduation

May 27th, 2011 at 09:36 am

Found out this morning that I do not have to work at graduation, so I have a free weekend ahead. My son usually does some sort of cookout at his house, but this year his MIL's father is very ill, so it might not happen. I might just be totally on my own for a three-day weekend!

Which is not a bad thing. I have lots of stuff to do. My small apartment has become cluttered and needs cleaning, and I would like to whip it back into shape. And I have my food shopping and prep to do, and I have some mending I really need to tackle. Not to mention that book I'm writing that never gets any attention....

I talked with my brother last night. We are not too good about keeping in touch, but both trying harder. He is very depressed about the general state of things. He said at his last performance review he was all but asked to resign -- he has some issues with his wife, and a son who is struggling to become independent but not doing well. The bright spot in his life is his daughter who is graduating from high school next week. I will be sure to go to her open house next weekend, even though it is a 4-hour drive.

I wish my brother would consider Prozac or something. It is clear to me he has been depressed for a long time, and even though the issues change, the sadness is always there. He is dead set against "chemical intervention" so I have learned to say nothing -- I just wish he could feel better. He has so much in his life that is going well -- and he's sick of hearing that, too! He's really a good guy, but so unhappy.

I guess I have no financial news today!

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