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The booth, and savings ahead!

September 9th, 2011 at 10:33 am

I hadn't heard anything from the antique store which houses my booth this past month, so I called them today. They told me over the phone what I owe -- $51.60. I put the check in the mail but asked them to send me a sales report. I left self-addressed stamped envelopes there for that purpose, but they haven't done it yet in the two months I've had a booth there. They are not nearly as well-organized as the place I vacated in NC.

I really need the sales report to update my inventory list. Surely they realize that all their dealers need this? I guess I am a problem because I am not local, but the NC store handled out-of-state dealers with no problem at all.

Anyway, now that that bill is paid, I can predict that, come payday, I will be able to put $650 into savings. That's above the $125 that automatically goes to savings. Yay!

I am SO glad it's Friday. This was a short week, but long to me, as it was my first week back in the office. Even though everyone is giving lip service to the idea of not overburdening me -- there is a lot of catching up to do after being off for three weeks. I have been going home dog tired, even though I am feeling better. I've been going to bed right after supper and sleeping through till I'm almost late in the morning. It will be good to be lazy.

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