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It's early in the morning

March 8th, 2012 at 04:01 am

I woke up early and I know if I went back to sleep I'd feel like a truck ran over me when it was time to get up. So I'm catching up with you guys.

I've been training at work to temporarily take the place of my boss -- some of the work is very detail-oriented and I'm going to have trouble remembering all the steps. I do have them written down, but still.... This might have been an opportunity if I were younger, but now, just a few years before retirement, it is a trial. My only assurance is that I am very much needed now whether I do the job well or not!

Yesterday TV went digital in my area. After all my wrangling with Comcast I was still getting basic cable, but yesterday it disappeared. Well, now I've gotten addicted to The Big Bang Theory, and I've always been a news junkie, so I did order the adaptor and install it. I don't know, it will probably mess me up on the bill.

I had some trouble getting it going and then getting the remote to work. Sure do miss the days when you plugged in a TV and turned the dial.

Today we are taking my boss out for a farewell luncheon, although she won't actually leave till next week. My other boss left yesterday. I'm excited, not only to go out to lunch, but to give her her gift, which is an Apple Store gift card. I think she'll be surprised.

Last night I picked up a good-bye card, and at the same time got some Easter baskets and plastic eggs. I'm going to fill the eggs with Lego pieces for my grandsons. I'll put a little candy in there, too, but my DIL is very strict with sweets and I don't want to rock any boats. The card, baskets and eggs were $13. I already have the Legos from a Goodwill find.

We've reserved a cabin in an Indiana park for early June -- DS & DIL, GK's, me and DIL's mother. Just for a long weekend. It should be a nice getaway. I hope by then I will have a new boss and it won't be hard to get away from work.

1 Responses to “It's early in the morning”

  1. rob62521 Says:

    We had problems with the Comcast adaptor when I installed it. I finally called and they put me off and I threatened to go to satellite. They send someone out the next day and lo and behold, I had hooked everything up correctly...the office had to flip a switch at their end. We get the basic stuff with it, but so far not HD.

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