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Goodwill & booth answers

March 12th, 2012 at 07:51 am

Once again I missed my Goodwill expedition on Wednesday, so went Saturday instead. I spent quite a bit of time there (much easier to do on a Saturday than a Wednesday night). I spent $36, and I'll try to recount from memory what I got:

A pair of Ralph Lauren khakis (look like new)
Sweatshirt, new
White turtleneck
Off-white t-shirt, new
Purple sweater, Croft & Barrow
Navy bra with aqua polka-dots, new (Target brand)
2 Corning ware dishes, for the booth
1 Pyrex baking dish, for the booth
Honey Bee Tree game
4 dishcloths, new

Somebody asked me before how the booth works. I rent space in an antique store -- my space is basically 10 X 10. I have to provide the fixtures, meaning any shelves, etc. the goods are displayed on. My rent is $82.50 per month. I paid a deposit equal to one months rent, which I will get back. The shop does the selling, and they take a commission -- and off the top of my head I can't remember what it is -- 10% I think? They take care of the sales tax, etc. They cut me check for what I've sold whenever I make it in there. It's three hours away, a place I chose because the rents here in Chicagoland are outrageous. However, I still don't make any money! My checks are almost always less than the rent.

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