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Busy weekend

March 19th, 2012 at 08:47 am

I got a lot done this weekend. I took my car for the emissions test and it passed -- yay! That was a relief, because it's an older car and I've heard of people needing to get expensive repairs after failing the test. It took a big chunk of my morning, however, both to find the facility and then wait in line.

I also went to the lab and got my annual blood work done. I got a haircut. I did my grocery shopping and got gas. I filled a prescription.

On Saturday night I worked registration at a fancy fundraising dinner (got a free dinner!) Before the event, I bought a belt at Target that I thought the outfit needed. It turned out the outfit looked better without the belt, so I took it back for a refund on Sunday.

I also went to the library and returned a DVD that I had forgotten I had. That little mistake cost me $5. I will not forget again.

I also did some Goodwill shopping. I mostly got things for the booth, but also a few gifts for the stash. I made myself sit down and enter all the new inventory into my computer -- that way when I take the stuff down to put in the booth I can just label it and put it in. It's so much better to research the prices ahead of time, anyway. I found some good things! I invested about $14 in some brooches that are worth about $100. And a fish-shaped bottle that I thought wasn't worth much is selling on eBay for $15 -- and I mean there are bids on it.

So I'm planning to go down this weekend, work on the booth, and visit with my BFF.

Work is going okay so far. On Friday, I spent the whole day trying to get past a glitch in the software. An IT person was helping me and she finally figured out a work-around. Quite a relief, as it would have been a BIG problem if I couldn't process the donations.

Once again, I hit the $20 mark on grocery shopping. (This time it was 19.99!) For that I got 3.5 lbs. of boneless chicken breasts, a bottle of wine, a bag of frozen green beans, a BIG bottle of ketchup and a banana. For an additional $6 I bought three boxes of garbage bags -- the 8-gallon size was on sale and they are sometimes hard to find -- and it's the only size that works in the bathroom.

I got a little check - $23 -- from the United Health class action suit. I only had that provider for a year and didn't really expect anything, so it was a nice surprise.

Had two more restaurant bills -- one for the final, informal friends-only going-away for my boss at a local bar. The other with my other former boss who happened to be in town for the day. I think I have participated in five good-bye parties now! Most unusual, but I suppose this is how the other half lives -- eating out a lot. I do it rarely. Not this month!

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