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Walking in the cold

March 27th, 2012 at 06:21 am

Now that it's cold again -- here I am walking to work! My car is in the body shop. Perfect timing, eh? So I crossed the usual "Here's Where I Pick Up Coins" parking lot last night and found nothing. I thought, what, is someone else working my territory? This morning I found a dime and a penny, so I'm back in business.

I had a bit of a spendy weekend. I went to Indiana to check on my booth and visit my BFF. Gas was only $23, as I was pretty full already and waited till I got to Indiana to fill up again at a lower price. We ate out at Logan's Roadhouse and Applebee's -- I spent about $35 on that, plus a couple of stops at McDonalds on the road was about $9. The Hunger Games movie cost $7 and popcorn was another $4. (But it was also my lunch. And I found a dime under my seat!) We went to Goodwill and I spent about $10, evenly divided between booth items and gifts. I put some new stuff in the booth and moved things around, and picked up two checks -- one for $30 and one for $65. And my BFF will pick up another on the 3rd of April. Still not breaking even, though.

Once home, I did my grocery shopping. Food came in at just under $20 again. I bought milk, bread, granola, frozen stir-fry veggies, poppyseed dressing, Vanilla wafers, a head of lettuce, four bananas and wine. I find I am surviving quite well on $20 a week, and it's probably what I should have been doing all along! I spent another $16 on cat food, kitty litter and Zyrtec.

I just got a doctor's bill for $52, but that will come out of flexible spending.

Yesterday I went to a meeting on another campus and in their bookstore I found recorder instruction books on sale for $3. I bought one for myself and one for my BFF. We have talked about learning to play the recorder together, so this is a start. (Neither one of us has a recorder yet!)

I'm really looking forward to warmer weather and getting my car back!

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