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March 31st, 2012 at 06:57 am

One of the main reasons I decided to have the body work done on my car was to put it on my new Citi card, to help earn the $250 reward. Imagine my surprise when I pulled out my credit card to pay, and the body shop owner told me they don't take credit cards! Should have checked on that, but in this day and age, I just assumed.

They had a sign posted that they don't take checks either. I suppose most of their work is done through insurance, and it isn't a big issue? Anyway, I don't carry $1000+ in cash, so I offered to go get it from the bank (though it was after five, and I don't even know if an ATM will give you $1000.) He took the check. And in reality, I had to run to an ATM to transfer the funds from savings. The total cost was $1023.

They are a very old-fashioned shop, but old-fashioned in good service and honesty as well, so I'm not too disappointed. Especially since I have already spent the required $2000 to earn my $250 reward (though I'm not seeing it yet on the website). So I guess I must say it was my decision to go ahead and keep the appointment and have the work done even though it was not going to add to the reward.

The repair is amazing; the car looks beautiful. And it was so nice to have wheels again. I went straight to the grocery, without a list and without a plan, so here is how I spent my $19.81: Club crackers, DiGiorno pizza, American singles, ice cream, butter and peanut butter. Nothing fresh at all! However, I do still have a banana, some beets, lettuce, onions, part of a green pepper and some frozen vegetables at home. And I have four containers of leftover meals in the freezer, so it's not like I'm going to live on dairy and fats this week. Just amusing to see what I hone in on when I don't have a plan. Oh, and most of these things were on sale; I saved $7.80.

I also spent $7 on some garbage bags.

3 Responses to “Ironic”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    Glad you got your car back! I think your Citi Rewards will show up on your after your next statement closes.

  2. Looking Forward Says:

    Yeah, it's rare to find a place that is cash only.

  3. Jerry Says:

    Wow, that is some old-school service there! I was recently reading a prediction that there will soon be no places that accept cash any more, but it looks like the traditional mindset can still prevail. It's true, dealing with insurance companies most of the time would lead to them not needing credit cards much!

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