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Daily Expenses Challenge

April 11th, 2012 at 06:29 pm

Today was my Goodwill Seniors Day, and my trip did not disappoint. Here is my spending:

$19.19 - pair of new Lee pants, 2 long-sleeved tops, two tank tops, and a fitted shirt for me

$3.48 - Champion jacket for my grandson

$2.60 - big T-shirt for my brother-in-law

$3.48 - 2 "take-out purses" for my grand-nieces. These are so cute. They look like Chinese take-out boxes but are made of turquoise brocade with gold rope handles.

No other spending today.

My meals:

Breakfast - granola with skim milk
Lunch - pizza slice & celery sticks
Dinner - cauliflower parmesan soup, English muffin

Snacks - small pacski, bagel (free at work); ice cream after dinner

My son and I made plans to meet on Friday night at an Italian restaurant. This is a place that always serves huge portions, so I'm going to plan on taking food home.

My other son is interested in coming with me to a book signing on Sunday night - Erik Larson, author of "Devil in the White City" and "In the Garden of Beasts." But he is the one who is the dad, and I'll be surprised if he actually makes it. I'm going to go no matter what, but I would love to have his company!

1 Responses to “Daily Expenses Challenge”

  1. My English Castle Says:

    My Bestsellers class read "Devil in the White City" and really liked it. Sounds like a fun evening.

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