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My Sunday

July 9th, 2012 at 06:45 am

I went up to see the kids and grandkids on Sunday. We went to an ice cream shop and Barnes & Noble. At the ice cream shop I got a free sundae. It was a promotional deal that my DIL had on her iPhone. I was the only one who could use it, however, because I was the only one who wanted a sundae with only one topping -- strawberries! It was a child-size sundae, but just right for me. Yes, it was a cheat on my low-carb diet, but a delicious one!

At Barnes & Noble I spent $30 on birthday gifts, a book and a game. I've learned not to pass up good gifts when I see them -- getting stuck at the last minute is a definite budget-buster. I am not taking these out of my $300 challenge because birthday gifts are planned, not incidental.

So I still have $64.

I did waste a lot of gas -- my son and I did some driving around looking for open houses and a comic book store for him. Then I made TWO wrong turns coming home. You'd think I'd know the way by now! The truth is, there are so many different routes, and I'm always looking for a better one, but it usually backfires.

I looked at a really nice condo yesterday. It is priced higher than I should pay, but I will ask my realtor if he thinks it is worth it to put in a low offer. It's in a vintage building in a lovely neighborhood, has an updated bathroom (whoo-hoo!) and ample closets, great wood floors, nice layout. The kitchen is fine, the bedroom small but fine, and once again a very nice dining room. Obviously the dining room was a very important room back in the 20's when all these vintage buildings were built! I like it. I've always lamented the disappearance of the dining room in newer housing.

1 Responses to “My Sunday”

  1. rob62521 Says:

    I love older homes...we went through two open houses in the historic district yesterday and marveled at the quarter sawn oak trim and wainscoting. Hope the condo offer works out for you.

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