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Down to $20

July 26th, 2012 at 07:23 am

Last night I stopped at 7-Eleven and bought 5 lottery tickets. No, I haven't gone bonkers. They are a gift for a co-worker who loves to play the scratch-off games. Another co-worker bought her five as well, so this morning she has ten tickets to savor. She hasn't scratched off any yet -- sweetening the anticipation! It would be so cool if she actually won something!

That puts me down to $20.

I had a hamburger for breakfast. I will probably be having some strange meals this last week as I run out of certain items. But it was good! A hamburger makes a good breakfast! When I got to work, I also had a birthday cupcake and cookie. Just couldn't pass them up. And it made my co-workers who baked them happy.

My aunt and uncle celebrated their 71st wedding anniversary yesterday! My aunt's health is a little rocky, but my uncle is doing great. I posted my congratulations on my uncle's Facebook page -- yes, my 94-year-old uncle has a Facebook page.

Today is "moving day" in the office. There has been a general reorganization, which hasn't affected me, but has affected office space. A couple of offices have been added. I am quite amazed. They look like they have always been there. And it was done so fast! Many people will be relocating today, so we were all instructed to dress casual and be ready to carry boxes. I am not moving, so I guess I will lend a hand where needed, but otherwise put in a normal day. After work will we congregate at the local bar, I guess to celebrate our new beginning. With $20 left and only 5 days to go I'm not too worried, but I do plan to just get a coke. I hope I am not too hungry. But I have a whole chicken breast to eat for lunch, so that should hold me.

3 Responses to “Down to $20”

  1. rob62521 Says:

    Congrats to your aunt and uncle! Sounds like he is a "with it" type guy if he has a FB page!

    Hope the office move goes smoothly.

  2. snafu Says:

    Unique & Wonderful to celebrate a 71st Anniversary! I think it's terrific to have protein for Bkfst, particularly if you're carrying boxes and helping others 'set-up.'

    Our sons favorite bkfst is left-over, cold pizza. All those veggies, sm. amount of protein is needed for their hectic days.

  3. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    Not too many people celebrate 71 years!

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