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Chilliness report

November 13th, 2012 at 06:17 am

Since I had a doctor's appointment yesterday, I drove to work. And since I was in the area where gas is cheaper, I filled up. $20. I also did a load of laundry last night - $1.50.

It's turned cold and bitter all of a sudden. There was light snow on the ground this morning! It was a cold walk to the station, and it reminded me that I need to find some warm mittens. The gloves I have are fine for cool weather, but not for COLD weather.

I opened my bedroom and bathroom radiators last night before I went to bed, but they didn't produce heat in the night. I know they are working, because they have blasted out heat before, so for some reason the boiler didn't kick on. Anyone have experience with radiator heat? This is all new to me. I huddled under my quilt and blanket all night, and even my cat got under the blankets. This morning, the radiators felt warm, but not hot. I suppose when it gets really, consistently, cold outside the boiler will run all the time and I won't have this problem.

Otherwise things are just toolin' along! Still expecting that grandbaby to make an appearance!

1 Responses to “Chilliness report”

  1. littlegopher Says:

    Not sure if this is the same for your system, but sometimes radiators need to have the air "bled" from them, so more of the hot water is in them to heat a room.

    Usually there's some sort of valve that can be opened to allow the air out - my dad would use a small crescent wrench to turn the valve (sort of looked like a nut) and turn it (nothing strenuous) and air would hiss out until he'd get a little spatter of water hissing out too. I had a radiator in my bedroom as a child, and after he'd do that, I'd be sweltering Smile Over the course of the winter, as it'd start to be not so hot, he'd do it again (maybe twice for the season - but maybe that was our old system.)

    Sending warm thoughts your way!

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