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Whirlwind weekend

November 19th, 2012 at 08:25 am

I had a really busy weekend, starting with my grandson's birthday dinner on Friday night at Bonefish Grill. I chipped in $20 for that.

On Saturday morning I spent $2 on laundry, then went to Bed, Bath & Beyond and bought two folding chairs and three sweater dryers. Now I can seat 6 at my table. The chairs were $40 apiece but sturdy and good-looking, not the card-table variety. The sweater dryers were $10 apiece. I bought three because I had three sweaters laid out on my kitchen table. These dryers stack so I can dry 3 sweaters at once with air flow underneath.

I also spent $15 on a bag of pistachios to take to my brother's for the Thanksgiving card games. (I will also take a pie for the dinner, provided it turns out well).

At the grocery store I spent $34 on food for myself, and $20 on frozen pizzas for my son, the new papa. I also bought a bag of cat food for $5, and a box of pantiliners for $3. This is something of an milestone -- I can wear very light pantiliners after my surgery -- no more pads. Freedom!

Then I stopped at Carter's and bought a dress and a sleeper for my new granddaughter -- $25 for both.

And you might have figured out that I spent the evening at my son's house, holding the baby.

On Sunday I was invited to both a brunch and an afternoon open house. The open house was an hour away, but close to my old hairdresser's, so I stopped and got a cut for $15. On the way home, I also stopped at my old Goodwill, where I bought three Christmas figurines -- one for my own Santa collection, and the other two to use as gifts. I also found a shirt for my brother-in-law and a top for me. Spent $12 all together.

This morning I'm having my intercom fixed -- I am not able to buzz people in the front door. They already fixed the front door part, but apparently my intercom is also faulty. My niece offered to let the repairman in, so I could go to work. I'm really enjoying the benefit of having family close by! I don't know how much that will cost -- I just hope it's fixable, as it's quite annoying to have to go downstairs to let people in!

I tried to transfer a prescription to Walgreen's online today, but it didn't work. I will have to do it personally. I hope I still get the $25 gift card! The Walgreen's is right on the way home, so it will be more convenient anyway.

Can't believe Thanksgiving is almost here! I'm ready for a break! I'm taking Wednesday off, since the drive out of Chicago is a nightmare on Wednesday night. The earlier I can get on the road the better! Safe travels to all of you who are also on the road this week!

Oops -- forget to say that I also bought gas for $3.49 a gallon -- very cheap for this area -- $19 in total.

1 Responses to “Whirlwind weekend”

  1. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    You had quite the busy weekend. Smile

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