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December Recap

January 2nd, 2013 at 06:10 am

Housing - 989
Gifts/Charity - 594
Car Repair/Maintenance - 151
Medical/Health - 143
Entertainment - 137
Groceries - 134
Vacation/Travel - 125
Clothing - 112
Utilities - 109
Fares - 105
Eating Out - 92
Gas - 85
Furnishings/Equipment - 53
Household Supplies - 23
Laundry - 19
Vet/Pet Supplies - 16
Misc. - 26

Total: 2913

Well, I knew it was a spendy month.

Housing included double mortgage payment & assessment fee.

Gifts - this included many Christmas gifts, of course, but also some donations, and a birthday.

Car Repair - replacing the spare tire cover. I saved a little here because my son installed it.

Medical - anesthesia for surgery in October. Awful glad I had that!

Entertainment - this was bumped up by my spur-of-the-moment weekend downtown with BFF.

Groceries - a little high considering how little I bought.

Vacation/Travel - this is my girls' weekend -- which I counted as vacation since it is a planned event, as opposed to the spontaneous weekend.

Clothing - Secondhand sweater, mittens, shirt, socks, scarf.

Utilities - includes a late payment to Nicor - a transition problem.

Fares - train pass.

Eating Out - another problem to tackle. Too much grabbing food while in transit! This does include treating son and grandsons at Steak & Shake.

Gas - I'm driving to work more than I should, but I had some unavoidable events. This should tame down this month.

Furnishings/Equipment - more stuff to help organize at home; also plants and tea lights.

Household Supplies - Paper towels, tp, etc.

Laundry - highest yet. I've been using the bigger $1.25 machine and I thought it would pay off in fewer trips, but it appears it is a bit more expensive overall.

Vet/Pet Supplies - Kitty litter & cat food.

Misc. - mostly postage.

2 Responses to “December Recap”

  1. SecretarySaving Says:

    Do you not have a washing machine and dryer hook ups in your condo? I may have missed a post where you mentioned that. I think your spending is great! I look forward to your posts.

  2. CB in the City Says:


    The washers and dryers are in the basement and are coin-operated. I don't know if we are allowed to install machines in our units. I've asked on the property manager's website but didn't get an answer. Something to investigate further in 2013!

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