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I ignored the cake

April 3rd, 2013 at 06:00 am

There is a cake in the break room. I had a piece yesterday for breakfast. But today, since I am in on the April healthy eating challenge, I had to ignore it. And it's down to the last yummy end piece that is covered with frosting.

Instead I had a bowl of oatmeal with brown sugar -150 calories.

On the financial front, I tucked $20 into a letter to my son in Florida. He is living off of savings while he finishes helicopter training, so I am trying to give him a little treat once in a while.

Yesterday, as I was sitting in the train station on the homeward bound trip, I remembered something that threw me into a deep depression. I remembered it was Tuesday (street sweeping day) and I hadn't moved the car. All the way home I beat myself up -- this is my second slip-up, and an expensive one. How will I make up the difference? I vowed to go into an austerity plan until I "earned" $150 in my budget. Well, I got home and went immediately to the car. No ticket. Unless they mail it to me, I got off scot-free. But I don't think they will - they left in on the car when I got caught during the snow season. I think they just didn't get to my street.

Boy, did that improve my mood!

Now I just have to think of something that will make me remember to move the car on Monday nights.

2 Responses to “I ignored the cake”

  1. starfishy Says:

    wow, i'm impressed that you had the willpower to ignore the cake - frosty end piece and all! i'm ready to board a plane to chicago to snag it. Smile good news about the no ticket!

  2. snafu Says:

    Tuesday solutions: 21 weeks of conscious repetition should make it a new habit. Note it on your smart phone/cell phone calendar to pop up late hr. every Monday. Send yourself an e-mail every Monday as a reminder. Put it on your electronic TO DO list. As someone you trust to call and remind you every Monday. Use a grease pen to write a note on your bathrm mirror.

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