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September Recap

October 1st, 2013 at 07:33 am

Total spending this month was pretty close to last month -- different areas of spending, though. Here's how it broke down:

Housing - $1039 (includes double+ mortgage payment)
Gifts/Charity - $191 (includes one birthday, donations)
Insurance - $157 (annual for condo)
Groceries - $138
Home Repair/Maintenance - $130 (plumber)
Fares/Parking - $117
Utilities - $112
Eating Out - $92
Furnishings/Equipment/Decor - $71 (garage sale finds, flowers, Home Depot stuff)
Phone - $55
Vacation/Travel - $50 (trip to funeral)
Entertainment - $42 (children's museum, Netflix)
Vet/Pet Supplies - $39
Personal - $36 (cosmetics, hygiene products)
Medical/Health - $33
Clothing/Accessories - $31 (mostly for umbrella)
Gas - $25
Laundry - $14
Household Supplies - $9

Total - $2381

Payday is not until the 15th. I have $430 to play with. I want to put a chunk of it aside for airfare. I want to get my sister AND my son's family here for Thanksgiving, and I think airfare will be my Christmas/birthday gifts. However, I am also going to see if my brother can help with my sister's fare. Thanksgiving is the ONE occasion when my whole family gets together, but the travel is a financial hardship for some.

1 Responses to “September Recap”

  1. Bob B. Says:

    It's nice that you can help out with airfare.

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