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Whatta drive, and other stuff

January 6th, 2015 at 06:41 am

I chose to drive this morning, because I had some heavy books to carry. Wow. The roads were really bad. I did not take the highway, but I do travel on major roads, and they were, as they say, "snow-covered and slippery." I slid a few times but very briefly. Everyone was driving really slowly; I appreciated everyone's caution.

The snow has stopped and I expect the roads will be fine tonight.

I bought gas on the way in - $15 for half a tank. I do love these gas prices.

Last night I sauteed the spinach (brought it for lunch today), and following Snafu's suggestion, chopped up the rest of the casserole and added tomato soup. I didn't try it (will do tonight) but it looked pretty good! Whatever I don't eat tonight I will freeze, even though there are potatoes in it.

I had a free breakfast at work this morning, as I remembered I had tucked a bagel in the freezer before Christmas. It was a freebie from one of many holiday carry-ins.

I'm going to have a humongous Discover bill this month, due to the overspending in December (as well as the mattress this month). It will wipe out my slush fund, and I think I will have to transfer some cash from the EF fund, too. C'est la vie. I have accomplished almost everything I intended when I took up the Discover challenge. I've recovered the couch, purchased a dining room set, a mattress set, a Bose stereo, bought two airline tickets, got a crown (will finally finish that up tomorrow!), and replaced my exhaust system and catalytic converter. And, of course, funded Christmas. The big thing I did not get was a washer/dryer, but that was because there was no place to install one. And I got a new TV, too, though I didn't pay for that! I'm so glad all of this is done before my retirement years.

Discover recently sent me a notice that they are changing their policy on Cashback bonuses, and it looks like I will be able to use the $400 bonus as a statement credit, or deposit it in my bank account. Great! I like the Amazon gift credit, but this is even better!

2 Responses to “Whatta drive, and other stuff”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    Glad your drive was without incident. We have snow covered roads here, too. I do like that Discover changed their rewards for CASH!!

  2. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    The cash awards are so much better!

    A friend of mine lives in the DC area and she said it took her an hour to drive five miles to work this morning.

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