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Just puttering

August 11th, 2015 at 08:00 am

Just stepped out for a few groceries - $11.30 for dishwasher detergent, bread and coffee. The coffee I didn't need, but it was on clearance for half price and sounded yummy. Kahlua's French Vanilla. And I just started laundry. I expect I will do 3 or 4 loads today. If not all of them today, I will finish up tomorrow. Total cost will be $6.

I found a nickel at the grocery store, and a penny this weekend.

I've avoided turning on my air for about a week. Some of those days I was away, but when I'm home, I use the fans, and I'm doing okay. I'm being careful about the lights, too.

I am 2% over budget.

These are the meals I can make out of what I have on hand:

French bread pizza
French onion soup
Tuna salad sandwiches
Grilled cheese sandwiches
Olive-nut tea sandwiches
Peanut butter sandwiches
Veggie quiche

Yep, many of these are repeats, but not because I'm eating them again. Because I didn't get around to them in the first place.

Lasagna is also a possibility, but I don't think I want to turn on the oven for that long.

I made plans to go to Michigan on August 22. Kept the August 28 dentist appointment, because it will come out of the September budget anyway.

Window company never got back to me, and I'm in no hurry anyway, so window replacement is on hold.

Everyone who looks at my car agrees it needs paint, so I'll just have to figure out how to get that done. I suspect that's where my first museum earnings will go.

1 Responses to “Just puttering”

  1. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    Even if they were repeats ... a good meal is worth a repeat, right? Smile

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