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Day Forty-Four

April 5th, 2016 at 06:51 am

Calories: 1439

Took Iggy to the vet yesterday and he was diagnosed with a cold. Good hydration, no temperature -- no worries unless he develops mucus or starts draining from the nose or eyes.

After coming home and coming out of the Pet Taxi, he crawled back into the Taxi and slept there for hours!

It was a mere $20, and he had the ear mite check up as well. He has to go back in another week for a final check.

Meanwhile, today I have to take Mystery just in case she has been infected with ear mites, too. She also needs to be caught up on her shots, so this trip will be more costly.

In the afternoon, the nurse from UnitedHealthcare came by to chat. I'm pretty healthy, so there wasn't that much to talk about. But for doing this, I'll get a $15 Walmart gift card.

Then I went to the grocery. I had $16 in coupons, which I added to my snowflakes. I spent $15 on pet supplies, $8 on household supplies, $14 on gifts (two bottles of wine) and $14 on groceries. The woman ahead of me in line handed me a wad of Monopoly pieces, since she wasn't playing the game. Along with mine, I had quite a handful of pieces, but I still didn't win anything, except a free jar of peanut butter, which I do appreciate!

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