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Day Forty-Seven

April 8th, 2016 at 07:09 am

Calories: 1526

Going out for lunch yesterday was lovely, even though I had to walk through falling snow! I got some exercise in, as I parked several long blocks away from the location, in order to avoid paying for parking, and then I walked in the wrong direction and had to circle around!

I got the pea soup and turkey/brie sandwich, as planned, and spent $12. And I found a dime while standing in line! I brought home the sides -- multi-grain bread and a package of baby carrots, which I will eat today.

Did not hear from the window people, so I will have to call today. Once I get the window squared away, I'm going to address my auto repair and eye exam.

I was thinking of going to Aldi today, but the snow is coming down again, so I'm staying in. The best thing about retirement is the luxury of waiting!

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