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Days Fifty and Fifty-One

April 12th, 2016 at 05:43 am

Calories (Sunday): 1516
Calories (Monday): 1232

I've been reading my own blog. My ten-year blogoversary is coming up (May 4) and I was curious to revisit where I was ten years ago. Then I just kept reading! I'm up to 2013 now.

A couple of things struck me. I am always talking about food! I think that is the one area I feel I can control financially. Or at least make a difference.

It also struck me how hard I've tried year after year to make cuts and spend less. I remember my failures, but my blog makes it clear to me that I've really tried hard to live within my means. So I need to let up on myself a little.

Anyway, just to recap, ten years ago I was getting ready to sell my house in Indiana. I quit my job and moved to North Carolina to live with my cousin. I was expecting to live out a blissful early retirement, but 2008 arrived and my financial world fell apart -- specifically, I could not pay my medical premiums without making serious draws on my nest egg. (Also, my cousin and I had serious differences on financial, and other issues). I had to move back to the Midwest to get a job; found a position near Chicago, where my sons were living. I rebuilt my savings and in 2012 I bought a condo. In 2015 I retired again. It's been quite a ride!

Back to the present. Sunday was a no-spender. Monday, I took Iggy to the vet for a follow-up on his ears. His ears are still full of crud, even though the ear mites are dead. Some of the crud seems to be fibers, but the vet wasn't sure. I'm guessing he got very dirty while living on the streets and his ears never got cleaned out. So now I have drops to put in his ears twice a day, and another vet visit planned for next week. Yesterday's cost was $51. I also stopped and picked up dry cleaning for $11.

My kids are coming over dinner tonight. Just tuna salad sandwiches. I'll have to go get chips or something to go on the side. I don't keep that kind of stuff around.

Tomorrow I'm going downtown for a networking dinner. I've already paid for that, though there will be some cost in getting there.

3 Responses to “Days Fifty and Fifty-One”

  1. scottish girl Says:

    I like reading old entries occasionally. In fact, I'm planning on checking entries from this time last year. It helps when I think I've accomplished nothing to look back.

  2. My English Castle Says:

    Agreed. Sometimes we can't see the forest.... Poor Iggy--think how good it will be when his ears are all better.

  3. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    I do that sometimes too - read old entries. It's a good reminder of where you've come from.

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