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Another no-spend day

March 1st, 2017 at 07:30 am

Yesterday was a no-spend day, but today will not be. I'm picking my grandsons up from school, and they will be raring to get lunch (it's a short day). I figure I will be lucky to hold it to $30. After that, we will go to the library.

My payment from TIAA finally posted (it wasn't late; I was just impatient for it as I was waiting for it to pay my Discover bill). I scheduled my Discover payment for tomorrow, since it appeared as "pending." Kind of relieved, everything is paid now, except for the automatic withdrawals, which I don't have to worry about.

I started a jigsaw puzzle yesterday and I have the niggling feeling that I've done it before. Which isn't making me work any faster!

We had severe weather in our state yesterday, but it did not affect my area very much. I was mostly worried that hail would damage my car, since I can't park it under cover, but as far as I know we didn't have any. Just rain, thunder and lightening. Other areas farther west and south had tornadoes; it's sad to look at the damage done. I heard there were a few deaths, too, but I don't know whether they were here or in other states. Anyway, just feeling grateful to be spared.

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