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Another Day

March 9th, 2017 at 09:20 am

And another unexpected bill. My tollway pass was re-upped, $40 charged to my Discover card. Since I count everything at point of purchase, this comes from my variables budget, which is now at 80%.

I also (finally) washed that detergent-soaked comforter in water, in one of those big machines at the laundromat. The cost to wash and dry was $6.

I'm proud of myself for finally opening up a new storage area. There is a high shelf over my hall closet. It is behind a separate set of doors, which I could never open, because they were painted shut. Yesterday I got on a ladder and attacked those doors with a scraper blade and a hammer. I got them open and stored the comforter in there.

And I discovered a new problem. I can't open the doors very far because the ceiling light fixture is in the way. I could get a flatter fixture, but I would have to get small light bulbs, too. That's a problem for another day. I will just have to maneuver for the time being.

My goal today is to at least look at the storage unit in the basement and try to identify what's in what. I think my mother's diaries must be there.

I went ahead and invited my nephew's family for the St. Pat's dinner. They are a bunch -- two adults and three kids, possibly four, if the older daughter is home from college. But I felt I should not leave them out.

Now I need to plan the best way to assemble and cook the sandwiches. I have an electric griddle; it can grill six small or four large sandwiches at one time, and I think that will have to do. To make the rest of the meal easy, I'm going to get potato salad from Gordon's and will serve mint chocolate chip ice cream for dessert. And I'll have easy punch -- Green River soda and lime sherbet. And I'll have raw baby carrots on the side as well. Also planning to get green paper plates. The budget will suffer a bit, but now that I've decided to go ahead with it, I'm going to make it as easy as I can.

The only other purchase I will have to make between now and then is cat food. I only have enough to last three days right now.

Yesterday I got something free from Pine Cone, to test and evaluate. I can't say what it is, but it is an improved version of something I buy regularly, so I am pleased.

Today I'm continuing with my free/lost-cost meals, finishing up the pulled pork for lunch and having salami, cheese and crackers for dinner. Of course, with both, I will make veggies on the side, just not sure yet what I will grab from the freezer.

So that's another day in retirement-land!

4 Responses to “Another Day”

  1. snafu Says:

    1st, thank you for the head's up. We'll be home for St Patrick's day, likely jet lagged and unable to focus. I'd better be prepared for friends and neighbours who stop by.

    Hat's off to you for making Reuben sandwiches for a crew! Here it's my version of 'Mulligan's Stew' which is merely my favourite, Crockpot stew with some beer to enhance flavour, more potato than I usually use and several handfuls of jello desserts. DH's is still a huge fan of Jello, with it's wonderful childhood memories.

  2. snafu Says:

    oh oh, computer did it's compression trick.
    should read handfuls of Jello dessert, not handfuls in stew.

  3. CB in the City Says:

    I was wondering if you put the Jello in the stew!

  4. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    I love it when I get to test a product for Pinecone!

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