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Oh boy

March 12th, 2017 at 02:33 pm

It's been a weekend of eating out, and just when I didn't need it, budget-wise. In every other way it was great. My dinner with my grandson at the seafood restaurant turned into dinner at home -- because the place was packed, jam-packed, so we ordered takeaway. My grandson order snow crab (!) and the funny part was that once we got home, I realized I did not have a seafood cracker, so we had to get creative about just how to get into those crab legs. We tried out several kinds of pliers and even a hammer. Too funny. He did get manage to get some meat, but it was hard and messy work. This morning I put a seafood cracker & forks on my Amazon wish list.

I ordered a shrimp basket for myself, which was much less hassle, but left me with a ton of fries. I'm going to make a chicken french fry casserole from the leftovers.

Then today, I had lunch with both grandsons, my friend C and my son, at a pizza place.

I shudder to say that I spent $57 altogether. Didn't need that, but on the other hand, it sure was fun, and I'll survive this bump in my budget.

Just to add to the (financial) misery, I put $1 in the parking meter before remembering that I don't have to pay on Sunday. So I guess it was a donation to the city coffers.

Since my grandson went home, I've just been lounging around, playing Candy Crush, reading a little, watching "Funny Face" on TV.

I haven't been to the gym yet, and I should get that done before the snow starts this evening. I might not want to go out at all tomorrow. They say there might be seven inches.

So far I haven't done any transcribing of my mother's diary, but I'll get that done this evening, too. I believe I may be coming close to one of the sad events of her life.

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