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The Diary -- and the Snow

March 13th, 2017 at 08:19 am

Worked on my mother's diary last night, transcribing one more month in 1938. I am through July now. All her entries for July and many in June were about her uncle's stay in the hospital (apparently he was there more than a month!) He had two surgeries, but she didn't say what they were about. I was afraid I was going to be reading about his death, but, -DUH! I remember him, so of course he didn't die in 1938.

Her uncle was like her father -- she was orphaned when she was seven, and her aunt and uncle raised her.

I also went to the gym last night, ahead of the snow. We got the storm in the wee hours, and I am not going out today. However, we did not get the predicted seven inches. I am just staying in because the roads are a mess and my car is covered. I may just stay in until it melts. Why not? Of course, I do have to go out to buy the supplies for my party on March 17. But I think there is a good chance it will melt by then.

Tomorrow I'm getting a house visit from a nurse employed by UnitedHealthcare. It's just a wellness check. For doing this, I'll get a $15 Walmart gift card. It's also free bagel day at the gym, but as I said, I probably won't leave the house.

1 Responses to “The Diary -- and the Snow”

  1. My English Castle Says:

    Staying in was a wise decision. It's crazy out there.

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