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No-Spend Day #2

March 20th, 2017 at 07:04 am

Again, spent nothing yesterday. I used a bit of gas going to the gym, but I won't have to fill up before pay day, so it doesn't matter.

I ate Reubens, potato salad, grapes and carrots again. Also working my way through the sherbet so I can free up more room in the freezer. Tonight I am going to babysit my grandsons while my kids go out, so I am going to take over a carton of ice cream.

There is only one Reuben left to eat today. Yay! But I still have a lot of rye bread, Swiss cheese, sauerkraut and a bit of corned beef, not to mention the Thousand Island sauce I made. I'm not going to make more Reubens but need to figure out how to use up these items. The cheese I can use in a quiche. The TI sauce is great on hamburgers. The sauerkraut I can eat with Polish sausage or hot dogs. But I can't do any of these things until I can grocery shop again on Wednesday.

Went over to my son's yesterday and we played Splendor (a board game). We tried to get the grandsons interested, but they are only interested in video games now. I'm sure they are having fun, but I miss the shared experience of playing a board game together. They are not mature enough yet to realize they are missing something.

My grandson tried out for the travel baseball team, and he felt it went well. He is starting to figure out that he will not ever be a pitcher, but he is good at fielding and catching, and at hitting. I hope he is selected for the team; he enjoys it so.

No big changes in the diary. My mom is still dating both JB and Dad, as well as an occasional date with someone else entirely. She and her sister spent a week at a lake resort which I have also visited with my sons when they were small. I don't know if it even exists any more, but in my day it was a place with a variety of rides, pools, mini-golf, etc. She mentions "tobogganing" -- which must have been a water flume or something -- and dancing in the evening in the dance hall.

I really enjoy her descriptions of her clothing. She sewed a lot, and made most of her clothes. When she says she bought a new dress, she means she bought the material. But occasionally she gets ready-made stuff. She had an "old rose Sloppy Joe sweater" that she apparently liked to wear a lot. She also enjoyed wearing her "black & white gingham" -- a dress. She seemed to buy hats often, including a "doll hat." Turns out that is one of those little hats that perched on the side near the forehead. (No explanation how she got it to stay!) She mentions only once buying a pair of slacks. My guess is she only wore them at home. She also buys gloves, hose and purses a lot. It was a different world.

War has broken out in Europe, and she is impatient with all the "war talk."

I suspect I am reading about the happiest time in her life, and it is nice to see.

4 Responses to “No-Spend Day #2”

  1. Kiki Says:

    I am loving all of these story tidbits from your mom. I have no diary from my grandparents but I do have the letters my grandparents wrote to each other before they got married.

    When I was 12 I spent a long week with them (I was sick with a cold and mom had to work). I remember asking her how they met and she told me the story then showed me the love letters one at a time - she giggled like a little girl as she read them, it was so cute. They had 3 dates in San Francisco in the December of 37/winter of 38. He was sent to Humboldt California for work for three months. Grandpa wrote almost every day and she kept the letters. They were married 17 weeks after the met (March 30, 1938)and were married for 53 years before he passed away.

    He was not happy with grandma when it came out I'd read the letters!

    When I was a teen she asked each of us what we wanted in their estate. I asked for only three things: the letters, their marriage license and "wedding" picture and their silverware. (Which I am slowly redoing - man is that expensive).

    She always told everyone the letters go to Kris. I plan to scan them and put them into a book for all my cousins and mom and uncle this year.

    Thank you for sharing them with us!

  2. rob62521 Says:

    I certainly enjoy your updates on your mom's diary.

    You are being creative with those leftovers. Bravo!

  3. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    Isn't tobogganing a form of sledding? Could she have been there in the winter?

  4. CB in the City Says:

    Yes, to me, tobogganing is a winter sport. But this was July, so she must have been on some kind of water ride and called it tobogganing.

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