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Pay Day Activities

July 26th, 2017 at 08:56 am

It's pay day, and I've done a lot this morning. I paid my property taxes, paid two credit cards in full, contributed $100 to a scholarship at my alma mater, and I grocery-shopped at Aldi. My ten items for $28 included: chicken, almond milk, granola, croutons, salad, butter, eggs, creamer, honey and carrots. I also stopped at Walgreens to spend my $5 rewards. I paid $2.50 out of pocket for two 48-ct. packages of panty liners.

My July recap:

Car Repair/Maintenance: $884
Insurance: $337
Housing: $321
Utilities: $164
Medical/Health: $132
Fees/Services: $131
Clothing: $81
Groceries: $76
Eating Out: $73
Gifts/Charity: $70
Vacation/Travel: $59
Phone: $52
Vet/Pet Supplies: $39
Furnishings/Equipment/Decor: $38
Personal: $23
Laundry: $17
Household Supplies: $8
Entertainment: $7
Fares/Parking: $1

Grand Total: $2572

It was my second-highest spending month this year. The first was February, when I also had big car repairs and paid property taxes. Can't do much about either of those.

Because I drew money out of savings, my net worth took a mild hit -- about $1500 less than last month. Hoping I can make that up soon.

I had potato pancakes and applesauce for breakfast. On tap for lunch is chicken tortilla soup, and for dinner, Fettuccine Alfredo with mushrooms.

One of my credit cards will credit me $10 if I add my card on Amazon and then make three separate purchases. I've already added the card, and today I will try to figure out three cheap and useful purchases to make. I won't have to pay shipping, as I am a Prime member.

I redeemed my $100 reward yesterday from my AAA credit card. It's actually $106, because of point credit for things I bought. I arranged to have it transferred to my bank account.

Knee is improving. I walked on the treadmill at the gym this morning with no ill effects. The pain in my toe has gone away.

I guess that's it!

3 Responses to “Pay Day Activities”

  1. Myfinancekits Says:

    I am glad that you are cautious with the use of reward credit card by say that you will only use it to make cheap and useful purchases. This is very important. At times, people get carried away with points and rewards. They end up buying what they don't actually need.

  2. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    Glad your knee is feeling better!

  3. pam Says:

    You talk a lot about pantyliners and eat a lot of pizza. No wonder your cholesterol is elevated

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