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July 30th, 2017 at 06:07 am

After grocery shopping yesterday, I did no more spending. I spent the rest of the day at home, since my leg was acting up again. I did a lot of reading, and I watched "The Skeleton Twins," which was rather depressing. Guess I'm tired of indie films about young, privileged people contemplating suicide. Seriously, it was very hard to feel sorry for the characters in the film, who so clearly brought about their own problems.

One more DVD to watch today. "Grandma" with Lily Tomlin. Pretty sure it won't be depressing, but may be silly. After I watch it, I'll take them all back to the library and get more. I have put together a list to work from now, so I might make better choices.

Just watched a brief spot about the "Summer of Love" -- 1967 -- on the Today Show. I was between high school and college that summer and I was deeply influenced by that movement. Now it looks kind of silly, but it was such a breath of fresh air! Such an innocent, idealistic, hopeful time. I did not do drugs or get into any of the sketchy areas of that movement, but I remember fondly listening to the great music, growing my hair long and shortening my skirts -- all to the shock of my parents, who apparently thought I was going to continue watching Lawrence Welk and getting bubble haircuts. I remember really believing we could all band together and stop war and racism. Ah well. Now I'm cynical and tired, and I miss those days.

Tonight I'm going to have one of my grandsons overnight, and tomorrow C and I will take both of them to see "Emoji." Probably there will be some eating out as well. Both parents will be out of town for work -- Dad in Nebraska, Mom in Canada! But Mom will get home sometime Monday evening, so I don't expect the sleepover will extend to two nights.

2 Responses to “Sunday”

  1. snafu Says:

    How lovely for both grans to work in tandem to each host a grandchild and meet for the entertainment segment. Are here Groupon tickets available in your area for movie tickets? Is there a discount/reduced price at Matinee?

    We saw theatre treats as too expensive and it turned out making treats to take became part of the fun and excitement of the whole outing. My favorite was home made trail mix. It's healthier, less messy, easy to load into snack sized zip bags but the most expensive. Our guys loved Rice Krispie treats, simple to make so long as ingredients are at hand. We also made 'tube' muffins
    http://allrecipes.com/recipe/233005/cinnamon-sweet-puffs/ and no bake cookies https://minimalistbaker.com/coconut-no-bake-cookies/ I wonder if you'd consider stopping at Dollar Store since they have a reasonable selection of treats.

  2. rob62521 Says:

    You are such a wonderful grandmother! Glad you and the other grandmother work together.

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