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Zoo Day

August 8th, 2017 at 05:33 am

Yesterday was an impromptu zoo day. I heard on the news that the zoo was having a free day for kids, so I called C to see if she'd like to join me and our grandson in a trip to the zoo. It was an absolutely perfect day, and GS had a blast taking pictures of just about every animal on exhibit.

Financially, the day set me back $29 for admission for us two seniors plus $6 for an Icee. C paid for parking and kicked in an extra $3 so GS could enter the petting zoo area. We chose not to go into the petting zoo ourselves, but watched from outside the entrance. GS seemed to enjoy his independence for those minutes.

Physically, the day beat up my legs, even though I took great care to sit every time I could. Consequently, I had an awful night. I did manage to dispel a lot of the ache with a heating pad, but I couldn't take away the throbbing pain behind my knee. This morning it is better.

I am still not able to use the new phone. The SIM card did not arrive yesterday. My son is traveling for work today -- not sure when he will be back, but it may be Friday, so I may not get the phone operational until then. At least I am able to use my current phone; it's just inconvenient.

Needless to say, I did not take advantage of pizza day at Planet Fitness yesterday. I did, however, pack a lunch for the zoo trip, using up the last tuna patty and some carrots and celery, thus avoiding that expensive zoo food. I ate my leftover hibachi food for dinner. Today is bagel day at PF, so I will try to get in on that this morning. Lunch and supper will probably be salmon, with mashed potatoes and roasted veggies, and grilled cheese with carrot soup.

I got a $41 bill for medical services (ultrasound and lab work). I'm putting it aside to pay once pay day rolls around on the 23rd.

I'm firming up plans with old friends from the College to have dinner downtown on September 6. I'm also going to the botanic gardens with my professional group on the following Saturday, and the next day, to a barbecue. In two weeks I'm going to a baby shower for my nephew's wife up in Michigan. BFF is working on a trip for us up to Door County, where we will stay with a friend of hers. So a lot of socializing coming up! Which is good, but none of it will be free.

Variables are already a whopping 71%, and that doesn't even count the cost of the phone, which will come out of the EF. Nor does it count tomorrow's eye doctor appointment. The upcoming PT visits (if I ever get them scheduled -- that's another story) will probably come out of next month's budget.

3 Responses to “Zoo Day”

  1. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    Sounds like a fun day with C and GS. Sorry your legs hurt though.

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