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September 11th, 2017 at 09:08 am

My son texted me this morning to let me know they are all safe, and they have suffered minimal damage. So glad that storm is mostly over. My son's half-sister, who lives in Venice, is also safe, though she is without power.

I visited with C for three hours at the hospital yesterday. I felt guilty upon leaving, thinking I had stayed too long. I shared this with my DIL, and she said, "You didn't!"

When I went to get my car out of the parking garage, it was closed and locked! In a panic, I went to the hospital concierge, and he told me how to get into it through the "hamster tunnel." Thank goodness once I was in there the exit door lifted to let me out. Unfortunately, I had to do a lot of extra walking and my knee was really hurting. But, hey, the parking was free!

I spent $17 on groceries yesterday -- blueberries, ricotta, mozzarella, spaghetti and sourdough bread. Now I can make either lasagna or spaghetti with my sauce. Not today, though; I'm going to finish the sloppy joes for lunch and have salmon teriaki for dinner.

An update of my "meals on hand" list:

Chicken vegetable soup
Purple potato soup
Salmon fillets
French onion soup
Grilled cheese sandwiches
Cheese quesadillas
Potato bowl
Blueberry pancakes (minimal syrup)

I'm planning to drop in at Planet Fitness this evening for pizza.

I just got back from the library. I got the next Harry Potter -- Order of the Phoenix -- and I checked out The Cursed Child for C. I also put the second Harry Potter movie on hold for our next movie night with the grandsons.

Afterwards I stopped at the physical therapist's and made an appointment for Friday.

I had to pay .50 parking at the library, but at PT, I happened to grab a metered space that had 52 minutes on it!

Planning to visit C again today, after lunch and after I rest my knee a bit.

Oops -- just realized I can't have pizza AND salmon for dinner. Guess I will have the salmon for lunch and hold off on the sloppy joes.

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