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Tiring Day

September 12th, 2017 at 04:33 pm

Oy vay, I'm so very tired!

I had a a poor night's sleep. Then I got up and went to Planet Fitness, mainly so I could have a free bagel for breakfast. (But I did bicycle and exercised my core.) Came home and showered and then I went to the hospital to visit C. I stayed until about 2; then I picked up the boys after school, took them out for burgers, and then took them to music lessons. Just got home at 6.

I spent $5.50 on parking and $10 on the burgers. Yesterday's hospital parking was $4.50. It's expensive, but the only free spots are too far away for me to walk comfortably with this darn knee.

Yesterday I filled up the tank (after getting my free pizza at PF.) $27. It's kind of funny that Pizza Day and Bagel Day came together, but that was because Pizza Day was originally scheduled for Labor Day. Yesterday's workout at PF included all my strength training except for anything stressing my knee.

The spending has pushed my variables up to 94%. Two weeks to go. But the circumstances are such that I am not worrying about money right now.

1 Responses to “Tiring Day”

  1. My English Castle Says:

    Hospitals are so exhausting for everybody. And sometimes small bits of cash just don't matter when such big things are happening. Wishing you better sleep and some peace for all of you.

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