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Yesterday's Fun

March 8th, 2018 at 05:09 am

Yesterday's spending was $14 at Aldi for eggs, butter, creamer, sugar and almond milk, $18 at Noodles & Company for lunch, and $2 for parking.

We missed the one-hour mark by one minute -- otherwise the parking would have been free!

At Noodles & Company I had coupons for two free appetizers, but the boys ordered full-size meals and drinks. They had leftovers, which I boxed up and sent home with them. I would have taken them myself, but I watched them eat. Yuck!

Next time I won't allow them to order the larger meals.

After lunch, I took the boys to the library. They checked out three books and I checked out two.

I had a brief conversation with DIL about summer plans. Both boys are going to various camps, but there will also be a lot of time when DIL works and I need to be on duty. We are discussing whether to get a beach pass or a pool pass or both. Guess I'll be getting a tan this summer!

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