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Getting ready to Leave

December 21st, 2018 at 07:26 am

I'm going to leave for Michigan in a few minutes. My brother and I do not exchange gifts, but we will have a nice meal together. He spends Christmas with his kids and his wife's family -- I spend mine with my kids and grandkids.

Tomorrow I will have lunch with my friend P, who is the nearest thing I have to a boyfriend. He was my professor once, a long time ago, and we reconnected several years ago. He is now a good friend, but not a romantic friend. I really look forward to our lunches, as he is fun to talk to, and he is a really good person who gives me faith in humanity. I am bringing him two small gifts, a scarf and a jar of homemade jam. He always pays for lunch, and I want to do a little something for him.

I will probably head home after lunch. Even though I am pretty much ready for Christmas, I want to be around for any last-minute surprises.

Yesterday was a no-spend day. Variables are at 118%. And I'll probably have to get gas on this trip. The overage does not worry me. I have lots of extra income to add in next month, and I should be able to come in well under.

4 Responses to “Getting ready to Leave”

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