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No spending

October 2nd, 2011 at 05:14 pm

It seems that Sunday is becoming my official no-spending day. I stick close to home and take it easy.

I did do some cooking. I made blueberry pancakes from scratch for breakfast (and froze enough for three more breakfasts). For lunch I made rotini Alfredo. Well, the Alfredo sauce was store-bought, so that was pretty easy. Enough for two more lunches in that batch. Dinner was canned soup and biscuits. I stayed under my calorie limit, with the help of an hour-long walk that burned 270 calories. Once again, it was a beautiful day. The sky was china-plate blue, and the sumac is starting to turn red. I love the early fall.

I watched several more episodes of "Mad Men." It is set in 1960, when I was eleven. I realized today that the show represents the kind of life I THOUGHT I was going to grow up into. How things have changed! Some good changes -- the sexism makes me cringe, but how well I remember it. I thought it was always going to be that way! But life was also a little more relaxed, I think. Not so many rules and regulations. No food police!

They are really good with the details, so I find myself trying to catch them in a discrepancy. I think I've seen only one -- in a dinner scene they were eating European-style, with the fork in the left hand. I'm pretty sure that did not become fashionable in America until the late sixties. But I may be wrong. I was a kid; I sure wasn't eating European-style!

Way back then, I read a book called "Sex and the Single Girl" which I took as gospel. Probably about when I was thirteen or fourteen. The atmosphere in Mad Men really reminds me of the book -- the expectation that women had to "catch" men by any means necessary; the acceptance of sexuality, even sexual harassment in the workplace, the drinking, the smoking.... This is how I thought life would be when I grew up, but everything changed. Thank goodness. I've certainly lived in a time of great social change. My kids have no idea how it used to be. I should make them watch that show!

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