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After a Day of Rest, a Trip!

June 29th, 2019 at 04:52 am

Well, after a day of rest, I'm ready to get on the road. I'm going to visit BFF for a short two days. It will give me the chance to buy cheap gas in Indiana as well, just before the gas tax goes into effect here in Illinois.

I haven't received a bill for the $250 mortgage reset fee, which is due July 1. Nor is there any notice about it on my credit union online account. All I have to go on is a letter I received months ago.

I am in the process of transferring the money from my BOA savings account to the savings account in my credit union, where the mortgage is held. I requested the transfer yesterday, but it hasn't happened yet. Since it's Saturday, I assume it won't happen till Monday, which is due day. I hope this all goes all right. I assume once I get the money in my savings account, they can withdraw it. I know I should have done this sooner, but time got away from me.

Also on Monday, my semi-annual auto insurance payment will be withdrawn. My savings is taking a hit this month.

I got a payment of $23 from one of my mystery shop companies yesterday. I was glad, because it was later than usual, and I was afraid I would have to confront them about that.

I'm so excited to be in the last month (I hope) of gap year. Can't wait to feel like a normal person again.

Released from duty

June 28th, 2019 at 05:24 am

My kids got home last night around 8 pm, and I was released from grandma duty. I was tired and sore from a lot of walking and stair-climbing, and it was good to sleep in my own bed.

I think I will cancel my BFF trip, but I haven't decided yet. I know it would be wise, with another trip to Michigan coming up in a few days, but I really do want to see my BFF. So I'm torn.

I did my June recap this morning:

Housing: $733
Medical/Health: $363
Utilities: $330
Gifts/Charity: $141
Groceries: $101
Eating Out: $98
Vacation/Travel: $57
Phone: $52
Gas: $51
Laundry: $20
Entertainment: $9
Furnishings/Equipment/Decor: $6
Fares/Parking: $5

Grand Total: $1966

Medical -- pretty typical for this time of handling post-surgery bills. Utilities -- very high because several bills hit twice in this pay period. Gifts -- two birthdays and a graduation. Other expenses pretty typical. What's missing -- no spending on clothing, pet supplies, personal, and household supplies -- which helped keep the total down.

I got a letter from Social Security telling me the status of my claim will be available online in five days. I have to remember to look.

Last Day

June 27th, 2019 at 08:39 am

I bought a few groceries yesterday so GS2 would have milk and orange juice this morning. My kids will pay me back.

Today we're going to see "Toy Story 4," once again using his AMC gift card. Also making a library stop, to pick up his prize for his reading program, and we'll stop at McDonald's for lunch on the way to the movie. He likes the breakfast sandwiches, which are now available all day.

The parents and GS1 will be home about 8 this evening.

I am planning to make a weekend visit to see BFF, leaving either on Friday night or Saturday morning. I really need some BFF time, but if I'm too tired, I won't.

It has turned hot, and the AC is not installed yet. And I may want to hold off until the windows get washed. I'm getting out the fans.

I cancelled my next series of physical therapy, because I am feeling much better -- and it is $40 per session, so it really has to be worth it to me. It isn't, right now.


June 26th, 2019 at 02:47 pm

I have a couple hours off while GS2 is at the beach with a friend.

GS1's team was eliminated today, so I expect the family will soon be coming home.

It's pay day, and such a busy one. My semi-annual car insurance payment will come out soon. My mortgage is going up a little, plus I owe $250 to reset the mortgage. I had a medical bill to pay -- well, two. One was pretty cheap - $19 for the walker -- but I had forgotten about it so I am paying it late, something I try to never do. I paid my Discover bill, but I'm waiting on the BOA bill to make sure there will be enough for the insurance payment. I will soon get a payment from TIAA that will cover everything, but it doesn't come until the last day of the month.

I'll do my recap and my variables tomorrow, when I have a little more time.


June 25th, 2019 at 09:20 am

I'm here at the library with my grandson. He's playing a game on the computer and I'm stocking up on books. He has already been to his gym session, while I went home and cleaned up.

My other grandson, poor guy, has now lost the fifth straight game. He must feel sad. But he made an amazing catch yesterday -- jumped really high to make an out. DS caught a snapshot.

GS2 is having a friend over this afternoon.

I put a load of laundry in at home and left it. I'll have to go switch it to the dryer after we leave the library. I'm turning into the people I complain about!

Pay day is tomorrow. I can't wait!

Eat out day

June 24th, 2019 at 01:33 pm

After music lessons GS2 and I went to IHOP for our eat out day. It cost about $30 with tip. IHOP is not so cheap any more. But I guess I'm in the dark ages thinking a lunch should be about $10.

Yesterday he spent the afternoon at his D&D club. As a treat, we took the train home. It was free, as I have a ride-free card, and he has his own Ventra card.

I was too hot and tired to make the stuffed peppers, so I heated up a frozen pizza. I've made the peppers today. Just have to assemble and heat.

Tomorrow he will have gym in the morning and a friend over in the afternoon.

Meanwhile, I'm keeping tabs on GS1's games in Cooperstown. Unfortunately his team has lost the first three games. I have noticed that the other teams have rosters twice as big, so I'm sure that is a factor. I just hope he's having fun.


June 23rd, 2019 at 08:49 am

GS2 and I went to see the Avengers movie yesterday. No cost since he had gift cards (which he almost lost, but found in a pocket). He was quite unconcerned that he may have lost $50 worth of gift cards, but I was freaking out! Hopefully, when he gets older, he will be more money-conscious.

After the movie, we stopped at Pepboys because the tire light came on. We would have had to wait an hour and a half before they could check the tires over for holes or nails, so we settled for free air in the all the tires. The light went off. Hoping that is the end of it, but I'll be watching.

I made some homemade chicken vegetable noodle soup yesterday. We didn't eat any; just had chicken sandwiches and salad for dinner. I like to let soup season for a day or so anyway. I doubt that GS2 will eat any, but I will!

I've promised to make stuffed peppers tonight.

Today he is going to his D&D club, which meets for three hours. That will give me a chance to slip home and do some laundry, etc.

Tomorrow he has music lessons, and for "Eat-Out Day" we will go to his favorite restaurant, IHOP.

Everything is going so well.

One Day Down

June 22nd, 2019 at 07:28 am

My first day with GS2 went well. We went to his grandpa's house (my ex) to water their plants while they are on vacation. Doing this will earn a little money for him. Then I stopped at Walgreen's and picked up some creamer and sparkling water ($7). I like to have those around, and DS & DIL don't use them. I went to Walgreen's, because it was graduation day at the big university in town, and getting around was a huge challenge. Walgreen's was the easiest in/out.

I made myself a salad for lunch and GS2 made eggs & cheese for himself. For dinner I warmed up a rotisserie chicken that was in the fridge, which I served with carrots and rolls. This morning I stripped the carcass and put it in a pot for broth. I pulled off a lot of chicken to use for sandwiches, etc.

Today I made toast for myself and oatmeal for GS2. It was instant oatmeal, which I don't care for. We'll probably have chicken sandwiches for lunch.

We are planning on seeing a movie today. DIL left two AMC gift cards worth $50, so that will be free. He wants to see the Avengers movie, and I have to check that it's okay with his parents. (He's 9.) I wish he wanted to see Aladdin, Secret Life of Pets, or Toy Story, but he said no to all of them. Frown

Tomorrow he goes to his D&D club, on Monday he has music lessons, and on Tuesday & Wednesday he goes to the gym. Thursday seems to be a free day, but I have to go to PT. We'll see how that works out. If GS1's team loses early, the family might be home by then.

I'm only saying all this to firm it up in my mind!

I'm having fun!

Oh, and I found a penny yesterday, so found money is now $101.19!

Full-time Babysitting Begins

June 21st, 2019 at 05:37 am

Some time today GS2 will come over and I will have him for about a week, depending on how the tournament goes. We will sleep at his house, but will spend some time here during the day so my cat doesn't think he's abandoned.

I'm planning to make cheese quesadillas for lunch, but after that I'm going to be creating meals from the fridge at GS2's house. I'm really going to try to keep spending down, because pay day doesn't arrive till Wednesday.

I was looking at my calendar and so much is coming up. Another set of physical therapy, a trip to my brother's and a trip to my BFF's. Also, the boys are going to camp -- different weeks, but not overlapping with any of my trips.

I've had two six-hour nights in a row and that's not enough. I could sleep in a little later, but my cat won't let me. He insists I get up and feed him so he can sniff at the food and then look at me like I'm poisoning him.Smile So if I don't get to sleep early enough, my goose is cooked.

A Day Off!

June 20th, 2019 at 04:36 am

My DIL is taking a day off work today, so she will be caring for the boys. That's great, because starting tomorrow I will have GS2 in my full-time care for a week, while his brother and parents go to Cooperstown for a baseball tournament. GS2 is not much work, but it is a responsibility.

I plan to go to the gym, do a load of laundry, and rest up!

Yesterday brought another away game which was about an hour away. To make matters worse, it was cold and rainy, but not raining enough to call the game. Luckily, our team pulled ahead by ten points and the game was shortened by the slaughter rule.

My gas tank was low, so I bought gas in the suburb I was in. It was probably about as cheap as I can get it at Sam's. Total cost was $23. That brings variables to 87%. Six more days to pay day.

I'll be using the food in DIL's fridge for the next few days. It is her wish that I use it up while caring for GS2. That will help with the budget.

Long Days

June 19th, 2019 at 04:47 am

Yesterday was long. I picked up the boys at their gym at 10:45 am, and I didn't go off-duty until 8:30 pm. That was because I took GS1 to his game and the pre-game practice, right after DIL got home. There is another game tonight. But maybe it will rain!

It didn't help that the game was a heart breaker -- our team comfortably ahead until the last inning, when the other team had a hitting spree and pulled ahead to win.

I did get a free lunch -- they had some very good leftover stuffed pizza that warmed up beautifully. It was so filling I didn't have any supper.

Today I'll make that corn pone pie for lunch that I planned for yesterday.

No spending yesterday, except for a load of laundry. I don't expect there will be any today.

I had 7 hours of sleep last night, but less than an hour of deep sleep. I never feel good when the deep sleep is so scant.

Thinking about the end of gap year, and what I will do with my increased income. I'm thinking I will add $10 to each spending category in variables (there are 18) and put the rest in savings for big ticket items. That will give me some breathing space. I'm also going to round up my mortgage payment to $400, which is only $52 more per month. After I tackle some of my big expenses coming up, I'll review adding more to the mortgage.

This and That

June 18th, 2019 at 05:57 am

I got credited with the BOA cashback savings -- it has gone into my savings account, which is just fine.

I had a good day with the boys yesterday. After music lessons, they chose Steak N Shake for Eat-Out Day. The bill was $29 including tip. Then we went to the library. In the evening there was a baseball game up in Lake Forest. My grandson ran home twice, made an awesome throw that got someone out at home, and pitched an inning successfully. And the team won, so it was a good game.

Today I'm picking them up from their gym. They are taking advantage of a program for pre-teens, where they work with a trainer three days a week. I'm planning to bring them home for some corn pone pie (chili with a topping of cornbread).

And there is another game tonight! Again, an away game, but not quite as far.

I put a load of laundry in this morning. Someone had left laundry in all three machines, so I moved one load out and went ahead and started mine. I don't have time to wait on other people. But I don't understand how someone could use all the available machines and then not keep the process moving. Maybe they were just about to come down and do that. I hope so.

I had kind of a rough night. The Fitbit shows 7 wake-ups between 11 and 1. I was in pain, and I know I took Tylenol a couple of times during the night. I got less than an hour of deep sleep, but I did make seven hours. It seems to be par for the course these days.

Variables are at 83%. With a week of full-time childcare coming up, I will probably not be able to meet my goal this month. But I will get a break later in the summer, when they take a couple of family vacations. Also, the boys will be going to camp this summer -- at different times, however.

It didn't even feel like summer yesterday. I wore a heavy jacket to the game. At night, I was cold and thought about getting out an extra blanket. My air conditioners are not yet installed and I'm starting to wonder if I will even need them this summer.

A Nice Sunday

June 17th, 2019 at 06:33 am

I had a very nice Sunday. I finished watching "The Rain," and I started watching "Outlander" on Netflix. I actually watched Season 1 a long time ago, but I have to watch it again before watching Season 2 because I have forgotten pretty much everything.

I also spent a lot of time reading.

I felt like I had a rough night last night, but my Fitbit says I got 7 hours, with an hour and 43 minutes of deep sleep. I'll take that.

Today I am taking the boys to music lessons and then out to lunch, as this is our "eat-out day." Then we'll go to the library.

There is a game tonight, and the next two nights as well. And I started babysitting GS2 full-time starting Friday, so I am not going to get much of a break for a while. Good thing I had a low-key weekend.

I looked at my BOA bank account this morning, and they have not credited me with the cashback savings on my BOA credit card. I may just be impatient, but how hard can it be? I'll keep watching.

Happy Father's Day

June 16th, 2019 at 06:25 am

Yesterday was a pretty calm day. I attended GS1's baseball game in the afternoon. That was easy, as the park was nearby, and the game only lasted an hour. Our team won by the slaughter rule -- when one team is 10 points ahead, the game ends.

This coming week there are three away games, so I think I am going to end up buying more gas.

I didn't spend anything yesterday. Today I am shelling out $1.50 for laundry.

Variables are at 77%. It's been such a long pay cycle. I still have a week and half to go.

I talked to my Florida son last night. He was very excited about a new plan to bring in more money with some side hustles and invest it. This is a big turnaround for him, as he has been pretty lax about money in the past. Seems he is finally learning. I'm going to send him info on the mystery shopping sites I use.

Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there!


June 15th, 2019 at 08:28 am

I just had the weird experience of leaving a comment on Amber's site, only to see that I was somehow logged in as MonkeyMama. Then my comment disappeared, along with MM's, I assume. Sorry, MM, if that was the case. I shut down and logged in as myself, so hopefully, this will show up as my own post. I have to say that all dysfunction on this site is entertaining, if baffling.

I've been busy this morning. I've been to the gym, and then I went to Jewel and spent $24. I wanted to go the library and pick up a book on hold, but it wasn't open yet, so I swung by Mickey D's and got a $1 sausage biscuit. Then I went to the library, only to find that the "book" I'd put on hold was an audiobook, so I had to change the hold. I did find another book I wanted to check out, so I'm not bookless until the holds come in.

Yesterday was a no-spend day, which I spent inside. I watched two episodes of "The Rain" on Netflix and got some chores done, including peeling and cooking all my bargain potatoes and making a huge batch of mashed potatoes which I froze in small containers. I can use them as side dishes in the future, or I can turn them into soup with a little broth and milk.

I arranged with SIL to work at her store on the 4th and 5th. She says I can be the cashier. Hope I can run the machine without too much trouble!

I also made plans to go visit BFF the last weekend in June.

Starting next Friday, I'm going to be babysitting GS2 full-time while his mom & dad & brother go to Cooperstown for a baseball tournament. I can't afford to go, and GS2 doesn't want to sit through rounds of baseball games, so this is a happy solution. He's an easy-care guy.

This and That

June 14th, 2019 at 05:30 am

I managed not to spend anything yesterday. I did reap a few cashback rewards -- $8 from BOA and $7 from Discover. I am banking both.

I had a short day watching the boys -- only 11 am to 3 pm. But I went to an away baseball game in the evening, which took 4 hours out of my day. I needed to do that because I was GS1's ride home. It was an exciting game, but unfortunately our team lost in a last-inning rally.

I made hot pockets for the boys for lunch and rounded it out with fruit from their home. DIL gave me a couple of overripe bananas. Today I'm going to make blueberry banana bread.

I'm also planning to cook a bunch of potatoes in the Instant Pot to make potato soup. I can probably make the soup in it, too, I just have to look up a recipe.

I got 6 1/2 hours sleep last night, with about an hour of it in deep sleep. Maybe I can take a nap today.

My SIL in Michigan has asked if I can come help her the first week in July when she has a big outdoor sale at her antique store. She would pay $10 an hour, but the real incentive would be getting to spend time with them. I would have to check with DIL to see if she can manage without me -- also concerned about my hip and all that standing -- might not be a good idea. So I'm conflicted.