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July recap & August goals

August 3rd, 2006 at 11:06 pm

Well, after my record low spending in June, July was, of course, up. Total spending was $2802, compared to $2274 in June.

Big spending included $400 for credit card payments, $175 for gifts (2 baby showers and wedding) $150 for the dentist, $174 for vacation.

Areas in which I spent less: utilities, vet/pet supplies, home improvement, gas, insurance, furniture/equipment, snacks. Areas in which I spent more: loan repayment, gifts, groceries, medical/health, vacation/travel, eating out, household supplies, entertainment, personal, and clothing.

I believe I had 11 no-spend days -- it's written down somewhere else. In June I had 15 no-spend days.

My net worth went up $3,000, mostly due to some recovery in my retirement account.

So it wasn't a bad month, and I got some things done that I needed to -- the dentist's appointment, the gifts -- and I had a pretty low-cost vacation.

August will have some challenges. I'm going to a conference, a wedding, and I'm taking another vacation. Also, I just spent $778 on new carpeting. So I will set as my main goal not to exceed July's spending, and that will be challenge enough!

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