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I boo'd!

October 30th, 2009 at 01:01 pm

Yesterday I bought 6 $2 candy bars to put in my boo bags. They were being sold by a sorority who was fundraising for school supplies in Africa. That satisfied my philanthropic streak. Along with some hot chocolate packets and a few hard candies they made a nice presentation. Left the two bags at my neighbors' doors this morning.

I gave a co-worker a ride to work this morning, and she told me that someone had left candy at her door, calling it a "chain letter thing", and she was suspicious -- didn't know if she should eat it. (She is in another building in the same complex.) I told her that I was guessing that our manager started a bag in each building. It certainly never occurred to me to be fearful!

We are having a Halloween bash at work. I was going to bake something last night, but totally forgot (got involved in Thursday night must-see television). So this morning I grabbed a can of cashews, which I think will be a nice foil to all the sweets....

As I mentioned yesterday, I'm supposed to go to a networking event downtown today. It's pouring down rain, so that's decided it for me. I would have to take the train, and walk several long blocks to get there -- not worth it. So I'm saving train fare, possibly taxi fare, and the cost of drinks.

Tomorrow I'm going to head up early to see my two grandsons. Then I'll have a few errands to run -- dry cleaners, and the grocery (a very short list). Trying to save all I can for those important funds!

Halloween treat

October 29th, 2009 at 12:56 pm

First of all, I want to thank you for your warm welcome back! I had no idea I would be missed, and I'm grateful for your kind comments.

Last night I arrived home from work to find a bowl of candy and a note at my doorstep. It turned out it was one of those "Secret Santa" type deals; the note says to keep it going by doing the same thing to two other people.

My first reaction was delight. My second one was -- oh, I don't want to do this. I had just stopped at the store on the way home and didn't want to go back. I don't have candy around the house to share. I would have to make copies of the note ... blah, blah, blah.

Then I thought -- I'll just pass on the same candy and the same note to some other doorway. (But then, what if I gave back to the very same person who gave to me? Crass.)

Finally I decided to honor the feeling of delight it gave me and to continue in the spirit of the thing. So today I'll go over to the cafeteria on campus and buy some candy bars. I have some fancy hot chocolate packets and Quiznos coupons at home that I can throw in. That way I won't be spending too much, but still, hopefully, delighting someone else.

Such are my financial decisions, these days! Stay tuned for my next dilemma -- should I go downtown for a networking event or stay home? I'll let you know. Smile

Here's the deal

October 27th, 2009 at 11:47 pm

I just updated my sidebar with a few un-fun facts.

I have debt from my move (after becoming debt-free! oh! painful!) I put it on a card that was charging 0% interest, but I think that rate will expire soon. I expect to get whopped with interest on my next bill.

My emergency fund is down from $1000 because I had an expensive car repair. Will pay it back up with my next paycheck.

My son is getting married in June (which I am very happy about, and I just love the girl). I gave my other son $1000 for his wedding gift, so I will do the same for this one. So I have to get that funded.

My car is doing great, but it has more than 100,000 miles on it, so I know I need to start saving for its replacement.

The housing fund -- well, that's in stocks -- it's part of my retirement fund. I am hoping that it will grow and that I can use it in six more years toward a down payment on a modest piece of housing. Meanwhile, I will start a vigorous saving program on the side once I get the debt paid off.

My new employer will start a new retirement fund for me -- in two years. Four years before I retire! Well, it's better than nothing.

It's been a long time....

October 27th, 2009 at 11:44 am

And so much has happened!

I un-retired, found a job in the Chicago metro area, and moved cross country. I am near my kids again (about 40 minutes away), and pretty happy in my employment -- it's not a lot of money, and more than a little stress, but the people are all great. And it's so wonderful to have my own place again and to be in control of my own money.

Another bonus -- my son has produced another grandson for me!

My biggest challenge at present is to save money for a place to live when I REALLY retire in six years. Right now I'm living in a nice apartment, but it costs too much, and the rent will go up next year when the move-in special rate lapses. I had only one day to find it, so I'm not kicking myself for my choice, but I'll have to find something else next July.

I also have a little bit of debt to pay off from the move. I'll keep you posted!